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CMMC Assessment

Navigate Compliance with Confidence and Expert Guidance

CMMC Preparation and Compliance with a Trusted Partner

Alliance Cyber is your trusted partner facing the challenge of CMMC assessments and compliance with NIST 800-171 standards. With our seasoned cybersecurity experts leading the way, we demystify the complexities, ensuring you understand each requirement and how it pertains to your operations. Together, we’ll cultivate a sensible cybersecurity strategy that not only attains compliance but fortifies your organization’s security, strengthening your defense against cyber threats and provides a pathway to higher SPRS scores.

Our Suite of CMMC Services

CMMC Readiness Evaluation

We conduct a detailed analysis of your current cybersecurity controls, measuring them against the CMMC and NIST 800-171 requirements. This helps identify gaps in compliance and sets the groundwork for your journey towards CMMC certification.

Strategic Advisory Services

Our certified cybersecurity experts provide advice and guidance to ensure your business understands the CMMC requirements. We aid in planning and implementing the necessary changes to achieve compliance.

Remediation Support

Where gaps exist in your current security controls, we assist you in creating and implementing remediation strategies. This can involve everything from revising policies to implementing new technologies.

Pre-Assessment Services

Prior to the formal CMMC assessment, we carry out a pre-assessment process, which includes a comprehensive mock audit. This prepares your organization for the actual assessment and reduces the risk of non-compliance.

Training & Awareness Programs

We recognize that CMMC compliance is a team effort. We offer tailored training programs to enhance your team’s understanding of CMMC requirements and foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Ongoing Compliance Management

Even after achieving CMMC certification, maintaining compliance is key. We provide continuous support to ensure your organization stays in line with the CMMC standards as they evolve over time. This includes routine audits, reviews, and updates as required. 

SPRS Submittal and the CMMC

Your business is likely undergoing the CMMC Assessment so it can submit the resulting score to the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) database maintained by the Department of Defense. We guide all our clients to the very end of the CMMC compliance process, including SPRS score submittal.

In all of these services, we maintain an affirmative and supportive approach, ensuring that your team feels empowered and confident throughout the process. Our aim is to make the journey towards CMMC compliance less daunting and more effective for your business. 

Secure your organization’s future with a trusted partner.

Navigate the complexities of CMMC assessments and NIST 800-171 with Alliance Cyber at your side. Reach out to our team of cybersecurity experts today, and together, we can make the path to CMMC compliance a journey of strength for your business. Contact us now and take the first step.