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Alliance Cyber Named Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber’s Small Business of the Year 

Alliance Cyber, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business specializing in cybersecurity and compliance solutions, is proud to announce that it has been named the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber’s Small Business of the Year. 

The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce recognizes outstanding small businesses that have demonstrated excellence in various aspects of business operations, and Alliance Cyber’s commitment to service, expertise, and compassion has set it apart as a deserving recipient of this prestigious award. 

“We are truly honored to receive the Small Business of the Year award from the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce,” said Rebecca Granger, Chief Operating Officer of Alliance Cyber. “Our team’s dedication to safeguarding the digital landscape of our clients and our unwavering commitment to supporting our community and country have been at the core of our success.” 

Alliance Cyber has a remarkable track record of delivering top-notch cybersecurity services to commercial and government clients. The company has consistently provided cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and collaborative partnerships to enhance cybersecurity for its clients. 

“Our values of service, expertise, and compassion drive everything we do,” added Alexander Hall “Service to our clients means helping them get organized in a way that cybersecurity becomes an integral part of their company’s culture. Service to our community involves supporting local teams, veteran organizations, charities, and fostering talent in the cybersecurity field. And service to our country is a commitment we take seriously, knowing the critical role we play in helping to enrich national defense through cybersecurity.” 

Alliance Cyber’s mission is to empower businesses and individuals by transforming the challenge of cybersecurity into an asset for growth and stability. The company offers a range of services, including risk assessment, risk mitigation planning, compliance auditing and consultation, policy and procedure development, IT governance strategy, and training and awareness programs. 

As the Small Business of the Year, Alliance Cyber continues to make significant contributions to the cybersecurity landscape, both locally and nationally. The company remains dedicated to its core values and looks forward to furthering its impact in the field.